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Special Needs

Caring for Special Dogs

Every dog likes things their own way of course, but some dogs need that extra special bit of care and knowledge to keep them in the best of health. We will send you updates while you are away, so you always feel connected to how your beloved dog is doing.

For example, we have noticed a significant increase in greyhounds being boarded with us, and we felt the need, as with all our special needs guests, to cater for them specifically. So we brought in some special greyhound beds for our them. We are also highly experienced in dealing with large and giant dog breeds, including Great Danes.

The care and welfare of our guests is of the upmost importance to us. We are always happy to talk to you about making your dog feel as happy and cared for as we can, and this is particularly important for dogs with special needs. Read more below...

Caring for Special Needs Dogs

We care for all ages, from puppies, senior dogs to very elderly dogs. Our staff care for all manner of special requirements, from age-related, medication and just keeping things normal for your dog! We are experienced in caring for dogs with allergies, arthritis, blind/deaf, seizures, diabetes, digestive probolems, disabilities, heart/kidney/liver disease and skin problems.
Any medication is administered at no charge.

For dogs who are nervous, sensitive or have separation anxiety, we have a special quiet areas available in our Luxury Dog Hotel, which is much more home-like (including beds, sofas and even their own private garden!). We offer DAP (calming therapy) to reassure more sensitive or nervous dogs.

Comfort Items

We are very happy to have your dog bring any special comfort items that they love. This could be favourite toys, blankets or bedding they love to snuggle up in. We offer DAP (calming therapy) to reassure dogs.

Dietary Requirements

We feed the same diet as your dog has at home (as it is best to keep things normal), whether standard, prescription, or natural/organic. We also offer Natural Instinct raw food diet.

Activity Levels

The level of activity your dog needs will be carefully matched.

For extremely active dogs we provide freedom & space to charge around off-lead to get exercise and fresh air in our our secure, enclosed 1 acre paddock with trees and accompanied by their dedicated carer.

For dogs who require low activity levels, but full of interest too, we can take them on a tour of our grounds and gardens which are full of interesting sights, smells and sounds. Meandering along our winding garden path, they will discover anything from scented plants such as lavender and wisteria, to Koi Carp in our large pond and our lively aviary.

If your dog has any special needs, please just contact us to discuss their requirements and care. We are always happy to help.