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Natural Instinct Raw Dog Food

Retail Outlet in Cambridgeshire

We at Westlodge are delighted to be able to offer dog owners Natural Instinct, a brand of dog food that is Biologically Appropriate Raw Feed (BARF) for dogs and cats.

Feeding as Nature Intended

Using human grade ingredients such as raw meats with bones and offal to fresh fruit and vegetables, plus natural supplements including vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients, each dog food portion contains approximately 80% meat and bone and 20% vegetables and fruit.

High quality, British produce

Our pets are very much loved members of our families and Natural Instinct believe that we should remember this, especially at feeding time. Why Feed Raw?...

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Why Feed Raw?

Would you eat or feed your children fast food on a daily basis? We don’t believe you would, so why feed your dogs and cats the equivalent of fast food for every meal? It is a fact that most mass produced mainstream pet foods are often packed with fillers providing very little nutritional value for your pets.

We believe in nourishing our pets to provide them with a natural diet packed full of variety and high quality British produce. We are what we eat and it is our mission to ensure that both our canine and feline friends are healthy and happy. It is really very logical; in the wild, cats and dogs only eat the food they can catch or forage.

These animals are virtually identical to your family pet, sharing almost the same teeth, jaw and stomach. Quite simply, their digestive system is not designed to eat cooked meats, wheat and grains that make up most commercially available pet foods. Natural Instinct have made it their policy to constantly review the science and procedure of raw feeding in order to provide you and your pets with a gold standard in recommended guidelines.

Natural Instinct's advice section has been put together to assist you with any questions you may have about your pet food and switching your dog or cat onto the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet (BARF). However should you have any further questions or require advice you can also contact them direct.

Visit Natural Instinct for much more advice