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Grounds, Gardens & Paddocks

at Westlodge Dog Hotel & Boarding Kennels

Our Luxury Dog Hotel and Boarding Kennels are set in tranquil, glorious surroundings. Our beautiful gardens are teeming with wildlife, natural scents and sounds, and interesting things for dogs to watch. It is a joyful place for dogs to stretch their legs, sniff the air and investigate new things.

Follow the meandering path through the gardens, watch the Koi Carp in our large pond, the birds in our aviary, walk under the dappled shade of trees or take a seat under the wisteria and enjoy the sunshine.

Our gardens and grounds make any dog's stay feel more like home, with healing herbs to exotic plants. No walking on concrete or empty fields here! There is so much for dogs to do and see, they revel in the moment.

Come visit us (with or without an appointment) during  Opening Hours and we will be delighted to walk you through all the special interest areas we provide for dogs.

Fill up on Exercise & Fresh Air Feel the Freedom & Space

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