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Exercise & Fresh Air

at Westlodge Dog Hotel & Boarding Kennels

In our Dog Hotel, every dog has their own private garden. In our Boarding Kennels, every dog has their own exercise area attached.

There are views across our gorgeous gardens, which are beautifully planted and full of wildlife.

We also have a WHOLE ACRE of securely enclosed paddocks where your dog will have supervised exercise with their carer each day. This is important because it means your dog can run free in the play paddock, completely off-lead, and really enjoy the Freedom and Space we offer.

We have stunning Gardens and Grounds here, and whether it is a slow amble through the mature gardens, or some race track fun in our play paddock - dogs LOVE being here. They adore the amount of exercise, fun and exploring they can have with friends (whether human or canine!).

Feel the Freedom & Space Our Grounds, Gardens & Paddocks

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