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Relaxing Dog Spa

at Westlodge Dog Hotel & Boarding Kennels

Our friendly and welcoming approach relaxes your pet whilst they are being pampered as they fully deserve!

Dog Spa

At the end of their stay (or any time you wish), have your dog thoroughly pampered in our Spa with a comforting warm bath and our special spa shampoos and sprays to thoroughly cleanse and revitalize the beauty of your dog's coat. This also involves a gentle facial and relaxing paw soak. Prices on request.

Dog Spa & Swim

Why not combine your dog's stay with a therapeutic, relaxing and enjoyable swim in our 5 x 3 metre pool? Once your dogs have finished their swim, we will then shower and shampoo your dog to complete the overall experience.


We can also offer your dog a therapeutic hydrotherapy swim, which has many health and wellbeing benefits.
 Our Canine Hydrotherapy

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