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Our Boarding Kennels

A happier, safer, loving & fun place for dogs

Our guests are treated and loved the way we would like our own dogs treated if they were staying in kennels.

Our vision has always been to ensure we have the best kennel facilities in the country. Our traditional dog boarding kennels are big, open and bright, looking out over our gardens.

We have been deeply upset to see the conditions in some licensed kennels that are trusted to look after much-loved dogs whilst owners are away. There is a terrible stigma and stereotype of kennel facilities; we work really hard to make sure Westlodge Kennels is not that kind of place.

We want to create much happier, safer, loving and fun place for dogs to be cared for. See What's Included...

Our Caring Staff

We ensure we have staff who have a vast knowledge of dogs and their many different needs, in order to make their stay with us a wonderful experience.

Special Needs

Every dog likes things their own way of course, but some dogs need that extra special bit of care and knowledge to keep them in best health. For example, we have noticed a significant increase in greyhounds being boarded with us, and we felt the need, as with all our special needs guests, to cater for them specifically. So we brought in some special greyhound beds for our special greyhound guests.

If your dog has any special needs, please just contact us to discuss their requirements and care.

Relaxing Dog Spa

We offer an extra special service of pampering if you would like to treat your dog. Special spa products, a warm bath and facial and paw care, and there is always the option of a fun swim or hydrotherapy for true indulgence!
Dog Spa


We do not charge anything for administering medication for your dog.


We pride ourselves on providing first class care and attention to each and every guest. This includes exercise every day in our phenomenal whole ACRE of enclosed paddocks where your dog can amble, play or run to their heart's content with a dedicated member of our caring staff.

Fees until 30th November 2018:

  • 1 Dog: £19
  • 2 Dogs: £31
  • 3 Dogs: £43.50
  • 4 Dogs: £54
    N.B: Double rates are charged on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Fees from 1st December 2018:

  • 1 Dog: £23
  • 2 Dogs: £34.50
  • 3 Dogs: £46
  • 4 Dogs: £57.50
    N.B: Double rates are charged on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

For further information, or if you would like to visit us or make a booking, please feel free to ask Iris, Marc or any member of Staff for details: